Quality Assurance

Quality Control

At Shiney Steel, we take quality seriously. This philosophy carries through every aspect of our operation.The production and inspection technological process of our company is arranged according to production standards, and we also establishes professional inspection organization which takes charge of the quality inspection of all process from raw material into the company to the final product store up. Inspections including inspection of inside seam,X-ray inspection, hudrostatic test ,visual inspection, and so on. The laboratory also equipped with advanced inspection equipment, such as direct reading spectrometer, digital tensile testing machine, online-ultrasonic test equipment and X-ray inspection equipment. Each inspection process has aresponding engineer to supply guide and technological consult. All the inspect personel has take professional training, so as to ensure the quality of product comply with the standard.

  • Before production:

Raw material selection and inspection, to assure raw materials are qualified.

  • During production:

Advanced rolling mills and skilled workers, with on-line quality control and inspection.

  • Finished production:

Certified test is a must for clients to keep confidence on products, and take next step. We follow standards for spot testing or pre-shipment inspection.

  • Seaworthy packaging:

Excellent packaging is a crucial step for preventing goods from damage during transportation. It guarantees pipe and fittings delivered to clients’ hand as per required quality and surface.


Eddy Current Testing

Eddy current is an electromagnetic non destructive method of testing the tubes. It is used to determine the non uniformity in the tubes like porosity, scratch marks, blow holes, deep line marks, etc.

Hydrostatic Testing

It is non destructive type of testing used to identify the leakages in the pipe, if any, at various hydro pressure. It is mainly done for the pipe having high pressure applications.
Chemical Analyzer

Chemical Analyzer

Mainly the analyzer is used at the raw material inward area. It is a non destructive type of testing used to verify the composition of the raw material.
Ultrasonic Testing 01

Ultrasonic Testing

Our automatic multiprobe ultrasonic flaw detection system monitors the weld integrity and measures the weld bead geometry after internal and external scarfing.
Hardness Testing

Hardness Testing

Hardness is also one of the parameters that TEMPhas to be checked under certain ASTM standards.

Impact Testing

In order to check the toughness of parent metals and welded specimens, impact tests at room temperature, zero and subzero temperatures can be carried out.